Where can I get Vaccinated?

Australia is currently in Phase 1A.

In this phase the following people are prioritised:

  • Quarantine, border and front line health care workers will need to provide proof of occupation to demonstrate their eligibility
    • Quarantine and border workers, including:
      • staff at entry points to the country (such as sea ports and land borders)
      • staff working in quarantine facilities, including those employed under Commonwealth, state or private agreements, and
      • Commonwealth employees (including Defence personnel) who are identified as having the potential to encounter returning travellers as part of their work.
  • Frontline health care worker sub-groups for prioritisation
    • frontline staff in facilities or services such as hospital emergency departments,COVID-19 and respiratory wards, Intensive Care Units and High-dependency Units
    • laboratory staff handling potentially infectious material
    • ambulance and paramedics service
    • GP respiratory clinics, and
    • COVID-19 testing facilities.
  • Aged care and disability care staff
  • Aged care and disability care residents


In this phase, vaccines are being offered to those who are considered at highest risk. Vaccinations will be organised by your employer or your care facility. They will reach out to you to provide further information on how to receive your COVID-19 vaccination.

Your eligibility will be checked again when you arrive for your vaccination.
Please take your Medicare card with you if you have one.
If you have had another vaccination recently, including for seasonal influenza, you should wait at least 14 days before having your COVID-19 vaccination.
If you are not eligible or cannot demonstrate your eligibility when you arrive for your vaccination, you may be asked to leave. Aggression toward clinical staff will not be tolerated.