• Thread Lift

Thread lifting is a revolutionary procedure that rejuvenates and revitalises your face without changing your natural features. Through a safe, minimally invasive operation, a specially designed surgical thread is inserted behind the hairline and advanced along the contours the face and neck requiring additional support. During the procedure, the soft tissues of the face and neck are repositioned to their original anatomical position.

Thread lifting takes approximately 10-15 minutes for small areas, and up to 40 minutes for the whole face. Patients leave without unsightly scars or months of painful recovery. The results last up to five years depending on factors such as age, individual lifestyle and genetic factors.

Thread lifting is ideal for treating sagging facial and neck tissue, drooping jowls, asymmetric eyebrows and various signs of aging – and can help correct the physical effects of muscular weakness caused by nerve damage, disease or partial paralysis.