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Keeping fit and healthy is highly important throughout life and at MyClinic we encourage that all people of all ages and all fitness levels to get motivated and move. We understand that there are limitations due to age, illness, injury etc but are here to help you at various stages of your exercise/fitness stages.

MyClinic Sports offers full medicals to assist you with starting a sport or a fitness program. We may refer to allied health to help with rehabilitation or to help design a program to suit your needs.

An increase in physical activity may lead to musculoskeletal, ligament and tendon represent a high percentage of these injuries. MyClinic Sports together with our Allied Health team can treat these injuries.

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) therapy is a new approach to the treatment of soft tissue injuries- including tendon, muscle and ligaments. There have been good results in mild-moderate osteo-arthritis.

Why is PRP used?

Some tissues in the body have a poor blood supply and, therefore, heal poorly. This can be the reason that physiotherapy and other treatments fail.

PRP therapy utilises the healing properties in blood to allow a healing reaction to occur in a tissue that is not healing on its own. Our blood has small granules called “platelets” and these contain special growth factors that when released, allow stem cells in the particular tissue to switch on and then cause new tissue to be synthesized and heal the injured area

How is it done?

The procedure itself will take approximately 45 minutes. During this time the doctor & nurse will take some blood from your arm (much like taking blood for a normal blood test), and then your blood will be placed in a special spinning device called a centrifuge. Your blood will be prepared in this machine and then the “platelets” will be taken from the machine and then injected into the site of your injury

The normal treatment consists of a course of 5 injections, each at intervals of 1 month.

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