Dr Ibrahim Adigun

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Doctor Adigun Ibrahim of MyClinic at Werribee Central, Doctors in Melbourne

Specialist GP & Approved Provider of Counselling & Psychology Services (FULLY BULK BILLED).

Dr Ibrahim provides specific focused psychological strategies for managing: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Relationship Problems, Anger Management, insomnia, Post Traumatic Stress, Bereavement, Substance Abuse, etc.

Dr Ibrahim provides specific skills training such as problem solving skills, social skills training, communication training, parental stress management training, etc.

Dr Ibrahim uses evidence based strategies approved by Medicare such as: psycho-education, cognitive-behavioural therapy, relaxation strategies, interpersonal therapy, etc.

Dr Ibrahim Adigun will see face to face and phone consults and will start on Monday, 21st of June, 2020.

He will be available for consultations from Mondays and Fridays.