In 2019 there have now been 47 cases of confirmed measles notified in Victoria. Almost all cases are in people who are not fully immunised against measles, who have either travelled overseas or been in contact with travellers from overseas in Victoria. Many cases are people born since 1966 who believed they were fully immunised but who had not had two doses of MMR vaccine.

A large outbreak of measles continues to affect Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe and America. The three most recent cases arrived from Samoa where there is a current outbreak. New Zealand is also experiencing a widespread outbreak of measles with over 2000 cases notified this year. Any overseas travel could lead to exposure to measles at the current time.

Anyone planning overseas travel should ensure they have received vaccinations appropriate to travel.

Infants as young as six months of age can receive free MMR vaccine prior to travel overseas.

Be alert for measles in patients presenting with a fever at rash onset, particularly if they were overseas or visited detailed sites 7-18 days prior to onset of illness.