Patient info

Dear patient, at MyClinic we always put your health first but we need our staff to stay healthy as well so we can help you. So we are putting some protocols in place.

  1. If you have been overseas in the last two weeks and are unwell, RING first and we will explain what you need to do
  2. If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus and are unwell then RING US
  3. If you are coughing, short of breath have a fever and aches and unsure RING US
If we tell you to wait in car when you arrive, DO SO, ring us and we will give further instructions.
If you come inside please stay behind the hazard lines. This is to protect our staff. If our staff get sick we have to close.
If it is determined that you need testing for coronavirus, the doctor will perform the test in full protective gear.  The testing may take place in the clinic or even in your car depending on each clinic.
Once the test is done you HAVE to go home and self isolate, including from your family (we will provide a handout) and NOT leave home until we ring with the test result. This could take 2-4 days.
If you are well (even if you have been exposed) it is pointless being tested as the swab will be negative until you develop symptoms.
If you have been exposed to coronavirus and are well you HAVE to self isolate for 2 weeks! This is vital to stop it spreading as you can be contagious the day before you have any symptoms. The two week period is because it can take that long before you develop any symptoms.
If you test positive you have to stay in isolation until you have two negative tests at least 24 hours apart. Also your immediate contacts will have to stay home for fourteen days. If they become unwell they will need to be tested.

Simple facts about Coronavirus

It is NOT like the flu.
Flu mortality is less than 1%  Corona is about 4%  Most deaths are in elderly, young kids seem to avoid serious illness (not sure why).
Time for exposure to illness is about 5 days (maximum 14 days)
Worryingly about 5-10% of patients may require ICU. This is why we have to limit cases.
Currently almost all cases have been returned travelers or close contacts. That is why events, schools, etc haven’t been shut down. That is not to say that will not happen soon. We need to stay vigilant and practice good hygiene.
The most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, cough,, shortness of breath. Runny nose is about 4% and diarrhoea 2%.


MyClinic is a high quality local GP service for local people.  Your nearest MyClinic Medical Centre is never far. Here to care for you and your family for as long as you need us. We have locations in Melbourne, Prahran, South Yarra, Southbank, QV Centre Melbourne,  Elsternwick, Balaclava,St Kilda, Bourke St Mall,  Werribee, Tarneit, Hoppers Crossing, Camberwell, and Bacchus Marsh.
Our staff love working for MyClinic, so they tend to stick around. You’ll enjoy seeing the same friendly faces every time you need to visit. Even if you’re not feeling the best, it’s nice to be cared for by people who know you.
Our service extends to you whether you’re well or not.  MyClinic offers bulk billing medical centres in all across Melbourne. Our doctors offer a range of services including skin checks, women’s health, general check ups, ear micro-suctioning, general medicine and minor procedures.  Our entire medical team is made up of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who believe in and promoting a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, factors that can have a positive impact on your overall health. Giving you tools that can prevent you becoming ill in the first place is an enormous part of our job. Your good health is at the centre of everything we do at MyClinic. Not only do we offer General practice services, we also have a range of Allied health services offered in the clinics, including – Podiatry, Psychology. Diabetes Education, Dietitian, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology. Bulk Billing appointments are available with all our general practitioners and allied health services.

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